Blowers Spare Parts

    The FILTER TECHNICS is able to provide, in addition to other products, a full range of spare parts for side channel blowers compatible with the main models produced by national and international manufacturers, among which we can list: - Becker - Rietschle - FPZ - DVP - Esam - Mapro.

    Each blower requires specific parts: the intake air filters, the complete filters known as "bell-shaped" filters not to mention the appropriate silencers.Each particular is produced by FILTER TECHNICS respecting the characteristics of the original products in order to grant the full universality and, at the meantime, ensuring performances up to expectations.

    With regards to some of these parts, the FILTER TECHNICS is able to supply the "special versions" (non-standard items, built on specific customer requirements), guarantee for the customer of a distinctive and "tailored" element: cartridges having a not common filter media, or the use of special gaskets or the production of components in stainless steel when usually are iron-made, painted or galvanized.

    • Air Filter Cartridges for Complete Filters for Blowers

      Cartucce Aria per Filtri Completi (Soffianti)

      The Air Filters Cartridges manufactured by FILTER TECHNICS are planned and produced following strictly the technical specifications required by the most important Blowers Manufacturers.
      Paper, having the nominal grade of filtration of 5-7 microns, is the standard Filter Media that FILTER TECHNICS uses.
      The FILTER TECHNICS’s production flexibility let be possible to grant a flow rates range starting from 1m3/h up to 5.000m3/h, including customization (upon request) for any kind of filter.
      The Air Filters Cartridges manufactured by FILTER TECHNICS may be built in using different kinds of Filtering Media:
      Polyester, suitable for uses in places with a presence of humidity in the air. In fact, in these conditions, the Paper, which is the Filter Media normally used, due to its own hygrometric nature, becomes unusable only after few working hours. The filtration grade of Polyester may be of 5 or 10 microns;
      Inox Steel, mainly used for application in Food and Beverage field and in the Chemical sector. FILTER TECHNICS offers a special range of air filters built completely using Inox Steel for all their parts: plates, mesh and filter media. The filtration grades may be of 30 or 60 microns.
      Activated Carbons, recommended for the filtration of vapours having an high molecular weight: solvents, acid vapours, alkaline solutions…
      Each Filter Technics's products is checked throughout its progressive phases of manufactoring in order to secure an almost total lack of mistakes.
      The application of all these principles during the production of filters, grant their complete interchangeability with the original ones.

    • Complete Filters for Blowers Classic and FPZ version

      Completi a Campana per Soffianti Classici e FPZ

      Although this range of housings, normally known as "bell-shaped" filters, is generally indicated to be used on the side channel blowers, is not unusual to find these containers fitted on the vacuum pumps and the compressors.
      The "bell-shaped" filters produced by FILTER TECHNICS can be summarized into 3 main families according to the their own type of connection:
      - threaded from M12 x 1.5 up to 4 ";
      - through metal clamps for diameters from 20mm up to 100mm;
      - through threaded stub pipe (connector) from 1/2 "up to 5", for the FPZ models.

      The cartridges inside the housings can be manufactured with different filter media: cellulose, polyester, stainless steel, etc ...
      The powder coating makes the "bell-shaped" filters suitable to be used outside. The our filters can also be produced, on request, in Stainless Steel in order to meet the growing demand in the food sector, as well as pharmaceutical.

      Thanks to their versatility, the complete filters for blowers (classic and FPZ versions),are completelyinterchangeable with the original products among which we can mention:

      - Becker - Rietschle - FPZ - DVP - Esam - Mapro

    • Silencers

      Silenziatori per Soffianti

      The silencers produced by Filter Technics are built in two versions: 1 threaded stub pipe and 2 threaded stub pipes (GAS and BSP screw pitches).
      They are the synthesis of complex analysis and numerous tests, from which comes a product superior in every situation when a great soundproofing and robustness are necessary.
      Our silencers are characterized by a low resistance to air flow and effective noise attenuation: they are particularly suitable for installation on blowers and vacuum pumps, both suction and compression.
      The strong body made of steel, makes them solids and absolutely airtight; inside is used a sound-absorbing material made of polyurethane with partially closed cells.
      Filter Technics is able to do special heat treatments, to mount special stub pipes or build silencers according to sizes or specifications required by the customer.
      The versions available are:
      TYPE 1 equipped with 1 threaded stub pipe (GAS screw pitch) on one end and open on the other end.
      TYPE 2 equipped with 2 threaded stub pipes both sides (GAS screw pitch).

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